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Stuff like this doesn't make itself...
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Darkside Magazine is the sexy online magazine aimed at BDSM and fetish lovers the world over. Published six times a year, each issue is rammed with hot photos, interviews, sexy stories, lifestyle advice and so much more.

Paul Donnelly is the founder and editor of Darkside Magazine. He has a background in magazine publishing, having worked for independent business publications during his career prior to launching Darkside in 2016. Paul lives in the UK, running the magazine with his wife, Dee, who is the assistant editor. With a keen interest in all things kink, combined with his knowledge of magazine production, Paul wanted to establish his own fetish and BDSM publication.

Of course, running a magazine is a team effort, and Darkside is no exception. Assisted by a pool of writers, photographers and models, Paul and Dee strive to produce one of the best kink magazines available. ‘Our aim is to create an all-inclusive, fresh, sexy and above all helpful publication about all manner of topics in relation to the fetish and BDSM lifestyle,’ says Paul. ‘Unlike many other kink publications, we are all-inclusive and love to feature people from all walks of life, whatever they identify themselves as. And we like to make it fun too!’

Darkside Magazine has gained a reputation for quality content and professional publication production whilst at the same time gaining a diverse and loyal readership. ‘Our readership includes singles and couples of all ages from all over the world’, says Paul. ‘Some are very experienced and have been involved with kink for much of their lives, while others are just starting out. We are mindful of the variety of readers we have, so we aim our content to suit, however far on their ‘journey’ they might be.’

So sit back, relax, enjoy the website and take a peek at our lovely magazine if you fancy!


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