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An Interview with a Former Sex Worker

We speak to Monika, a former sex worker and now a writer for the International Sex Guide, about her experiences...

Hi Monika, please introduce yourself

My name is Monika. In short, I’m a former sex worker and proud of it. As soon as I hit 18, I threw myself headfirst into the sex industry and spent the best part of two decades riding cock, bringing people’s fantasies to life, and taking part in all the different types of sex, fetish, and kink that Europe had to offer.

These days, I’ve taken a step back from escorting to focus on my new career path as a writer, researcher, and consultant of everything kinky. With my partner, Karl Majak, I travel the world and explore different sex scenes (both paid and unpaid) and write about it for others to enjoy.

Where is home?

I was born in the Czech Republic but moved to Germany in my teens. Since then, I’ve always struggled to stay put in one place and have moved where the sex industry took me. I’ve lived and worked in Amsterdam, the Balkans, the United States, the UK and beyond.

These days, I’m based in Germany where I have easy access to sex hubs like the Czech Republic, Hungary and, of course, Germany itself. When the weather gets too cold, I’ll often head out to South East Asia with Karl to relax and have naughty fun with the locals.

You’re a former working girl, now a writer for the International Sex Guide. How did you get into being a working girl, and why did you leave that industry?

My sex drive was always uncontrollable. I quickly developed a reputation as a harlot wherever I went. If a girl left their man around me, I’d fuck them. So sex work was the only natural transition for me. I first applied to brothels around Germany but was told to come back when I had experience. So I hit the streets.

I’d fuck men in their cars, in porn cinemas, and in cheap love hotels in red-light districts across Germany. The money was good, the sex was almost enough to keep me satisfied, and it taught me a lot. Working the streets certainly teaches you how to keep your wits about you.

Then, I progressed into the brothels and from there I branched out into fetish scenes. Femdom was my speciality and I’d draw in guys from across Germany to put themselves at the mercy of my whip.

But after two decades, I needed a change in career. I adored travel and writing and I had a tonne of sexual experience under my belt, so I dreamed of reporting on various sex scenes, escort lifestyles, and kinky subcultures from around the world.

In a lucky coincidence, I met Karl Majak (the man who started ISG) and we developed a fantastic open relationship together. Karl gave me my start, taught me how to work full-time in the online sex industry, and now we work closely together and travel around the world with each other seeking out new sexual experiences to cover for the site.

What is your attitude towards sex?

Sex defines my life. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m a nymphomaniac years ago. I feel anxious and unwell if I haven’t been fucked in the past 48 hours. It’s like a drug for me. I can’t have a normal relationship, it needs to be open. Luckily, my partner Karl is as kinky as me and accepts that. If I come home to him with cum leaking out of my butt or my makeup ruined by another woman’s squirt, he doesn’t mind!

I just wish that more people would break down their barriers towards sex and explore it in more depth. For me, it’s one of the most rewarding things in life to experience new and exciting sexual adventures.

What has been one of your most memorable sexual encounters?

When I was in my early twenties, I was working at a sex club in Spain and moonlighting as a stripper at a holiday resort too. A rap group from France wanted to hire out six girls with big tits for a video on a yacht and I accepted. We got oiled up and danced with them on video but it was all non-nude.

After the shoot, we started drinking with the guys and I got absolutely hammered. A lot of the stripper girls were arrogant and wouldn’t even look at a cock unless they were paid. In my opinion, they were in the wrong job. As the night went on, I was rubbing all of the guy's cocks through their shorts. The other stripper girls told me to stop acting like a whore as it was making them look prudish. I didn’t listen.

I ended up fucking all four of the rap group and sucking off the cameraman too. It was filthy. Two wanted to fuck me at the same time and I was happy for them to do it. Being held between two strong black men and being ravaged whilst five girls looked at me jealously was a huge turn-on.

Feeling the warm sea breeze on my big tits as I choked on cocks was such a memorable experience. I came more times than I can even remember that night.

As mentioned, you write for the International Sex Guide. Can you explain what this is, please?

International Sex Guide was founded to shine a light on all types of sex around the world, paid and unpaid, online and offline. It’s a non-judgemental and pro-sex industry. We interview everybody from mongers to working girls to give everybody their own sense of agency in the adult sphere.

Plus, we also feature some incredible true sex stories combined with obscure travel. One of the most popular is Karl’s confession of wild sex with an even wilder Russian prostitute in a country that doesn’t exist: Transnistria.

You travel a lot as part of your work for the ISG. What’s been the most outrageous place when it comes to sex?

For me, some of the most outrageous sex has been in Germany, The Netherlands, and South-East Asia. I’m bisexual and I adore Asian girls. So SE Asia is a gem for me. I remember going wild with Karl one night and drunkenly arranging for five sex workers to come to our room in Thailand. I ate all of their pussies like a buffet.

But the tolerant attitudes of Germany are fantastic too. Whatever kink you’re looking for, you can more than likely find it there.

Do attitudes to sex vary across the world? If so, in what way?

Absolutely! Compare places like The Netherlands with somewhere like Jordan for example. But in the latter, there is still a massive sex drive, it’s just repressed and hidden.

Is there anything in the adult industry you would love to try?

I’m really keen to try a creampie gangbang. We recently reported on one in Wales and it’s one of the few things I haven’t tried. But of course, it needs to be done safely and securely. But the thought of lots of guys filling me with their cum makes me wet!

What’s the plan for you and the ISG going forward?

At the moment, we’re planning to keep travelling and reporting on sex around the world. We’re constantly making new partners, finding new fascinating sexual subcultures, and creating new and exciting content. So going forward, that’s my and Karl's focus right now.

Check out Monika's writing at

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