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Bimbofication: A Deep Level of Roleplay

Sitting there on a cold chair within a luxurious room filled with delights. You gaze down at the clumps of hair scattered across the floor. Your skin is mottled and tender. Goddess has stripped you head to toe of that disgusting man hair. Replacing your once fluffy skin with bald sheerness. Goddess sheered you because she needs a new canvas to work on and play with.

You wait patiently. Wearing nothing but a flesh coloured hair net. Amongst your own inner thoughts, you hear the heels of Goddess, marching back and forth as she readies items and hand selects who you, will now be! She is hand carving you a new persona. Stepping up the level of demasculinization, Goddess has started to stomp out your male ego. Forcing you to eroticise and become aroused by the alpha man. She has been encouraging you to lock your little penis away in a cage to remove the temptation of tugging at your tiny beta dick. Only permitting relief gained from your boy flower (anal masturbation). Through months and weeks of mindfuckery she has begun to mould you into a new version of you. A more pathetic version, no longer hiding in self-doubt and pity but relishing in all its glory. The day has finally arrived, the day your superior christens you with a new name and look to go alongside your new and improved self.

With her delicate touch and light strokes of the makeup brush, the transformation begins. Your eyes are fixated upon her face as she works on yours. You can see how much she is enjoying playing God, with you as her creation. She has listened to your prayers and is granting you your desires – to be a slutty bimbo sissy instead of a quivering pitiful excuse of a man.

Your new mindset will be symbolised in flesh form. You have dreamed of being a cheap whore, used as an object and exploited as a sex toy. You dreamed these taboo dreams because your superior manipulated you into doing so. The seed of curiously was already there, living inside of your precious mind but the superior watered that seed and now it’s time to flower and flourish. With the finishing touches applied, lipstick, a big blonde bouncy wig and a tight dress, its’ time to take on your new persona. To embrace the all new and improved you. Eagerly awaiting a glimpse of yourself you beg – “please Goddess, let me see how beautiful I look. Let me see the bimbofication you have so kindly given me”.

Then you stand there, glaring at yourself in the mirror, a new face that you have never set eyes upon before and it’s you. You can quite believe how different your eyes look, bigger, more sparkly and pretty and your lips, now tainted red lined with precision and perfection. Wearing in this face and being in this body, you don’t feel as pathetic as you did previously, being the beta man, you were. Somehow, bimbofication has improved you both physically and mentally. Being a sissy has sparked and ignited something within you. Everything about you has altered and all of the training has paid off. How you feel, poise and move is somehow different, more delicate and exaggerated. Your voice has become softer and your mannerisms have become gigglier and girly. This is the true sense of escapism you have been searching for. A form of escapism so beautiful that you are able to live the persona of a more alluring version of yourself. In this body and mindset, you’re able to live out those dreams and desires that have been growing within you for so may years. You can finally be that object. A piece of meat to be stared at in all of its splendour. Or, you can finally experience what it is like to be the slut or maid that you have fantasised about being. Under Goddesses care and training, all of these ideas and fantasies are now possible. She is your superior, your creator and she can and will guide you to a space where all of your fantasies can be played out.

To some, the above scenario sounds odd to others the scene sounds alluring. Sissification or bimbofication is a very wide kink. Many aspire of being a sissy, yet it’s a very misunderstood area of kink for both submissive’ who struggle with these thoughts and feelings and dommes who sometimes don’t fully understand the kink, only seeing it as a sexual desire and not the entire psychology behind it. As you can see from the scene, one destructs their identity and masculinity, they do so to be a sissy. Being a sissy is very much different from being a transvestite (TV). A TV feels as though they were born in the wrong body and psychological change is progressive. The decision to change their identity was not born from sexual desire or influence. A TV will aspire for the change to be permanent. For their body to always compliment and match their mindset. A sissy on the other hand has typically derived these thoughts and desires through sexual eroticism. A sissy will be sexually aroused by the thought of dressing as a woman. As I’m sure you would have seen, sissies tend to take on a type of stereotype such as a maid, whore or bimbo. The rationale is because they have at some point been aroused by such figures. The sexual desire has evolved into a curiosity and pursuit to experience from the perspective of the sexualised stereotype. Although, the key difference between TV’s and sissies is that a TV does not wish to reverse the psychological and physical elements of identity change. Living in the body and mindset is a constant. Sissies on the other hand, can and do revert to their former masculine roles. Having said that, many fantasise about being a 24/7 sissy and taking the process to a much deeper level with female hormone therapy. Although, this is typically just an additional element of roleplay. Just as when they dress as an erotic stereotype and even carry out homosexual acts, it’s all roleplay. A very advanced level of roleplay as they will almost always revert back to their original male form. Another common aspect of sissification roleplay is forced feminisation. Whereby the evil bitch dominatrix has somehow enslaved the submissive as her toy, usually with the use of blackmail. The dominatrix then strips the submissive of his rights and identity by turning him into a sissy, teaching him how to think, feel and act in an exaggerated feminine way. Again, this is another deeper level of role play. It’s all part of the act and the game for the submissive to resist and say no. To pretend that they’re horrified about wearing ladies’ panties and sucking a dick all the while they’re obviously very aroused by the act and in total sissy heaven.

So, with all of this roleplay, one might say that sissification is a very complex form of sexual escapism. To take on this role and escape from their vanilla life. To be forced into being this overly feminine, shy, vulnerable sex toy. Doesn’t sound like too much of a bad persona or role to play every once in a while, does it? Well, I can assure you that this role can and does on occasion give rise to very toxic consequences. To stomp out another’s identity, their sexual orientation and gender without a deep understanding of the kink can be very destructive. The submissive may struggle with these desires, believing that because he has sissy dreams of wearing frilly dresses and having his little pee wee in a cage. He may believe that because he is aroused by such thoughts, he must be gay or confused about his gender. This simply isn’t the case, well, at least not the majority of the time anyhow. He simply has a fetish and alike many fetishes, people think that they’re weird for being sexually stimulated by things that aren’t deemed as “normal”. Often, after indulging in typical forms of play like forced masturbation to homosexual porn or actual sexual acts on a man, the submissive will be full of regret, confusion and shame – a form of submissive come down. Pair these feelings of regret with the fact that in order to prime a submissive into a sissy, one beats down the self-perception and self-worth this can be a lethal mind space if proper after care is not given.

Being a sissy does not make a sub a freak, homo or TV. Being a sissy simply makes you a kinky soul but aren’t we all in some way shape or form? Sissification can be and is a beautiful intimate and caring dynamic between sub and domme if handled in the correct manner both physically and mentally. It’s a truly beautiful experience for the domme to take a submissive and help guide him into living out his unique form of sexual escapism. To assist in the carving and creation of his new feminine persona.

By Queen Morningstar Twitter: @QueenMorningst

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