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Can your fetishes change over the years?

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

What is a fetish? Is it normal to have a fetish? What's your fetish? What causes them? Can your fetishes change over the years? Is that even possible? Are we born with certain

fetishes? Or Is it a choice?

I didn't come into this world as a foot fetishist. So what the hell happened? Geez Louise! So there are a lot of goddamn questions surrounding fetish/fetishes. Would you like to learn more about fetishes? Alrighty then! Let's get down to fetishness.

First and foremost, what is a Fetish? If an individual has a fetish, they have an unusually strong desire for a specific object, activity or body part as a result of getting sexual gratification. For example: a foot fetish or a latex fetish. And before you ask, yes, it's perfectly natural to have a fetish, as long as your fetish NEVER harms someone else. For instance, if you have a foot fetish, you can do one of three things to satisfy your desire:

1. Watch foot fetish porn

2. Find a consenting footsie partner

3. Visit a Dominatrix.

Explore your Foot Fetish - but Consent is key

With that out of the way, let's talk about what would be utterly unacceptable.

- taking photos of people's feet without their consent

- video recording people's feet without their consent

- touching people's feet without their consent.

Even though you might not be the type to physically hurt someone, such thoughtless action will most likely cause others to feel extremely uncomfortable.

So how do you explore your fetishes without feeling guilt and shame? It's pretty simple, really. First and foremost, practice self-acceptance and secondly embrace your fetishes, CONSENSUALLY!!

Can your Fetishes change over the years?

This was part of the reason I decided to write this blog. Time at which a story is told.

She was a beautiful sole and a gorgeous girl with a delightful sense of humour. I was mesmerized by her performance in a school play. Gracias a dios! I think I've just met my soulmate. Okay. To cut a long story short…

When I was six years old, I had a crush on a girl from my school. I first noticed her when she performed in a school play. She literally danced around in bare feet. So, before you ask, yes, I realized that I had a thing for tootsie's around age six. Sounds weird, right? But it is a true story. I admit that after that I was pretty much obsessed with feet. I would often find myself fantasizing about what it would be like to worship feet. And a song played in my head.

“I love feet, feet, feet, feet

FEET, I do adore

Yo put your tootsies on this face ya

'cause I would love to taste ya”

And now the Game-Changer. Later in life, I discovered something incredible. It was the most awesome thing I had ever seen, and that thing was called Google. I just type it into the search box - foot fetish porn - and bingo. Heavens to Murgatroyd! I was spoilt for choice.

Watching foot fetish porn helped me discover what turns me on. When I watched foot fetish porn, I would notice things I had never noticed, such as for instance, I found myself incredibly aroused by dirty soles, foot gagging porn and red/black toenails.

Embracing my Fetish - My first visit to a Pro-Domme

So I had decided to take the plunge and visit a Pro-Domme. I felt that it was important to embrace my fetish because during that time I felt inadequate and constantly questioned if this was normal. Furthermore, I couldn't stop shaming myself over my foot fetish.

So we communicated via email, back and forth, and I booked my first foot fetish session. Hurrah!

However, it wasn't what I expected. I left the session feeling disappointed. Don't get your tinsel in a tangle. The Domme I had visited was great at her job and I'm not taking anything away from her.

So why was I disappointed? Because I wasn't specific about what I wanted.

To be completely honest, I was confused about my fetish. Yes, I had a sexual interest in feet and I had great fun with the feet I had played with. However, the real question was, did I need feet for

gratification? Hmm...well, yes and no. So let's break this down, shall we?

Yes, I have a sexual interest in feet. And now once again I asked myself the question: what is necessary to reach an orgasm? Well, the truth is a little more complicated. Worshipping squeaky clean feet doesn't quite do it for me. For me to have an intense orgasm I needed to participate in a sweaty smelly feet and non-consensual foot-gagging session. As can be noted, identifying your fetish is more complex than you might think. Thereafter, I continued to religiously jerk off to foot gagging porn.

Fast forward five years later - Mistress Adreena. Five years later, I decided that I'd like to find a Domme that I could connect with and session with on a regular basis. So I booked a session with Mistress Adreena. To learn more about Mistress Adreena please read my blog:

I learned my lesson from the last time around, because this time, I was VERY specific in what I wanted. And the result? Hand on my heart, this was the most incredible fetish experience. I finally figured out my fetish. Hallelujah!!! Sweaty feet and foot-gagging is my thing, man. Well, that's what I thought at the time. However, that all changed from the moment that Mistress Adreena shoved a strapon dildo down my throat.

Can fetishes be replaced? Is that even possible?

As it now stands, I love feet, I find them attractive and arousing, but I no longer obsess over feet. I have an extreme attraction to non-consensual strapon throat-fucking. So I have bought myself two dildos: the Vixen Mustang and the Vixen Bandit. I've become quite the expert in what might be called a professional face-fucker. Okay maybe that's a little far-fetched, but you get my point, ay? So, come to think of it, I have a fetish for gagging and non-consensual activities as opposed to a fetish for feet. How bizarre is that? At the age of six to my early teens, gagging never crossed my mind. Non-consensual strapon throat-fucking was something I never even considered before I tried it. Which was about a year ago.

From foot fetish to gagging fetishes

As it now stands, non-consensual throat-fucking is my guilty pleasure. It's what I need for gratification. Some might argue that I am gay because I enjoy something resembling a penis shoved down my throat. However, I'm not attracted to men or a man's cock. Not that there's anything wrong with being gay.

So what is it about non-consensual strapon throat-fucking that I love so much? Firstly, I enjoy being dominated by a female dominant and secondly, it's the gagging sensation that I find highly pleasurable. To find out more about whether face'fucking makes you gay, please read my blog:

So let me ask you again, Can your fetishes change over the years?

Before we wrap things up, I have a session booked for next month with Mistress Adreena. Every session with Mistress Adreena is a roleplay session. Would you like to read my scripted scenario? Here you go:

Roleplay: The institution of Kinky Sluts

I enrolled for The institution of Kinky Sluts, where I stand against the most qualified Kinky Sluts in the present-day world, with the intention of becoming the Number One Kinky Slut. The exams will be held at Inanna Studios hosted by Mistress Adreena (The Unmerciful Kinky Slut Destroyer).

Category: Throat Fucking. Which consists of two test phases and stringent criteria in order to pass the test.

Test phase 1: Sweaty, Grubby Feet Deep-throat (warm-up)

Test phase 2: Rough Strap-On Throat-Fucking

Criteria to pass:

- full insertion heedless of the cock size

- hard deep thrusting without resting phase

- to have your throat fucked very hard

- to be throat-fucked in any position

- to coat the cock with thick slippery mucus / stringy goo

- throat-fucked to tears

- red-rimmed eyes

Contains: rough hair-pulling, head grappling, foot slapping, face slapping, spitting, throat-grabbing, forced choking, treated abysmally and no friggin' mercy!

There we have it, fetishists! I really hope you enjoyed this blog. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter and Instagram @Podopheleus.

Much Kink Love


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Unknown member
Dec 23, 2021

"Maid of Passion" is my fetish ... it will stay that way, for sure.

What changes is that it becomes more intense ... what you are and what you want to be.

The goal becomes more and more clearly and precisely visible over the years.

It was like that for me and has not yet ended.


Maid Carolin

Podopheleus ... thanks for this stimulating article🌹


Unknown member
Jul 18, 2021

Totally relate to this ! Had a foot fetish for as long as I remember but it has developed! Best for me is being smothered by one smelly sweaty foot whilst her other bare foot gently crushes my balls. Whilst this happens she jacks me off ! Every time this happens my orgasm is earth shattering far more intense than any other way I cum ! I convulse uncontrollably. It so bet than penetration, a footjob or a blow job ! Just incredible ! The smell the taste and the feel of her bare foot totally destroy me !


Unknown member
Apr 27, 2021

Incredible post!!

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