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Coerced Intoxication

The very lovely Queen Morningstar explains exactly what is involved in a coerced intoxication session...

Let me take you on a ride. It’s a ride full of physical and psychological twists and turns. Be warned though, once you’re on, there’s no getting off! Whilst the ride only lasts a short time, the results are long lasting. Do you still want to take the risk? Of course, you do. You’re an adrenaline junkie. You seek out that rush. You seek the intense feeling of loss of control, risk and partial self-destruction that speaks to your deepest desires. Seeking danger and playing in such a way gives you a sense of being alive and allows a short break from your normal humdrum life. As you have no control, when you're on the ride the issues that burden you in everyday life no longer exist. Your mind is controlled and occupied by the thrill of being taken to the unknown. Once you're on, your mind has a break. A break from reality and all your worries. During that short time, you are simply you; nothing more than a soul in its intended state. You are free. Free from mental restraints like worry, sadness, responsibilities, feelings and thoughts.

I imagine you're curious. Fabulous, now to experience the ride. All you have to do, is listen to my instructions. Something which is easy to do as I’m so hard to resist. You naturally melt in my presence because you sense the risk and danger. Because you’re an adrenaline junkie it is this very sense of risk and danger that lures you into my world and causes you to gravitate towards me.

Now, I’m going to ask you to silence your mind. Listen only to my voice and instructions whilst following me onto the exhilarating ride. Ready, sniff. Beautiful, nice and deep, allowing a short pause between each number whilst holding your breath. You’re safe to allow that rush to intensity and consume you. The ride is starting and you’re so very excited to see where I, the driver and creator, will take you.

To some, the above thoughts, feelings and curiosities I have planted within you with writing alone is familiar. You will understand and instantly know that this is a taste of a coerced intoxication BDSM session.

Reading my words has hopefully enlightened you a little into the understanding of a coerced intoxication session. The psychology behind it and what draws such a submissive to explore his or her fantasies are fascinating. This type of session is very satisfying for both the submissive and domina alike. I personally adore this form of BDSM exploration, as I’m sure for readers who know me will understand. I often work with poppers (Amyl Nitrate), Nitrous Oxide and alcohol. I find that these substances work very well for taking a submissive into a deeper psychological state where all resistance is removed. Once in this state, all inhibitions disappear allowing for one to have a deep sense of freedom. This is totally unattainable when the logic is at the forefront of control and stops one attaining such feelings. Nothing is off limits. The mind, body, soul and wallet are all open to being explored, used and taken.  

Logic is diminished by intoxication and the mind is violated with clever use of confusion, mind-control and manipulation. This is done with great ease. You may see the domina similar to that of a doctor. If you were in hospital and required treatment you would see the doctor as an authority and follow her instructions automatically without question. The same is applied within this setup. Once placed into an alternative psychological state you’re vulnerable, helpless and will cling to the advice and guidance of the authority figure - the domina. This leaves the submissive totally helpless at the mercy of the rush of the ride and the direction in which the domina decides to steer it. Once on, she can take what she wishes from him. There is zero resistance. If the domina wanted to take his entire wage in one foul swoop she can, and I have done this. Or, if the domina wants to extract personal information in which his logical mind would usually resist to give, she can take it. This is something I love to do, and I am an expert in obtaining all sorts of material. She can also gain confessions from him. His true desires are usually only heard within his own internal chatter and never spoken out loud as his logic restricts him from doing so. These confessions of desires can also be explored within this state as the submissive is open to suggestion and their little minds have been turned to jelly. Their mind and body are far more relaxed and flexible than they are in their ordinary logical, restricted and reserved state. For the sub, these experiences are breath-taking, exhilarating and frightening all at the same time.

Once sober, there is always a phase of “come down”. He feels the effects and consequences of what he enjoyed so much the night before. When logic returns, reality sets in. The reality that a beautiful and powerful woman entered his life and consumed and controlled it for a short while. Whilst the time wasn’t long the physical and psychological effects are long lasting. Physically, they may feel violated, a complete “oh shit. What the fuck have I done” moment. These feelings are short lasting, perhaps a day or two. This is quickly replaced by the souls yearning for that sense of freedom and helplessness again. Typically, because the sub awakes sober having handed over a significant amount of money, he then has to budget and sacrifice for a short while. Every time he wishes to purchase an item or luxury and he can’t, he will think of the domina. The domina will be in the forefront of his mind and soul with this constant reminder. It is a combination of both the good and the bad that make the sub hungry to do it all over again. To have their mind hijacked, controlled and their body owned completely is delicious. It’s a beautiful space to be in and one which all subs who struggle with logical resistance should experience.

It would be foolhardy and immoral of me to write the above without stating the need to trust the domina and her skills. Sessions should be done with great care. I have deep understanding of intoxicating substances, their effects and indicators of when to stop. I have this knowledge because I studied medicine for five years and worked as a Register General Nurse for a further six years. I wouldn’t dabble in such sessions without this knowledge and experience otherwise. It is imperative to ensure that both domina and sub know what they’re doing and have sufficient experience. Fun and games can quickly become harmful without care and understanding.

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