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Development of a Shoe Fetish

One of our regular contributors, Eatby64, describes his love of shoes and explains how this particular fetish of his began...

My love of female shoes has increased noticeably in the last year. I have always had a fetish for female feet so a love of shoes has always been part of that, however recently I have recently found that the shoes on their own have been enough to turn me on. I now masturbate regularly with shoes from my wife’s collection. I have yet to share this with her! Little does she know she often walks around in shoes I have dumped my spunk in? She knows of my fetish for feet and indeed she herself prefers cumming whilst having her feet massaged or licked but my shoe love at this moment remains a secret partly because of my fear of being labelled at worst a perverted freak and at best kinky ! Maybe I will come clean in the near future.

“Since joining various social networks like Fetlife and chatting with fellow foot and shoe fetishists I feel that has encouraged me to explore sexual excitement from shoes as well as feet”

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Socks and Nylons

I have been trying to account for this increase fixation with female foot wear. Obviously I think much of it must be to do with my love of feet there must be an association if you love feet you probably love what goes on this. This theory works with other footwear for example I love female socks and nylons and have masturbated with used socks and nylons on many occasions. At the moment it’s the shoes that float my boat. Also since joining various social networks like Fetlife and chatting with fellow foot and shoe fetishists I feel that has encourage me to explore sexual excitement from shoes as well as feet. Initially I was a bit disparaging of people whose profiles featured just picture of shoes, their spunk in shoes or just feet in shoes but I now note I have similar photos on my profile! In truth what really floats my boat visually is seeing the whole woman wearing sexy shoes however a picture of feet and shoes is very exciting to me. My own photos tend to feature just my wife’s shoes purely because it’s easy to do and I haven’t the courage to ask her to pose in them for me. I am into trying to photography women secretly but so far this has met with limited success mostly blurry shots as I fear being caught in an embarrassing situation ‘Did you just take a photo of me ?’ being a phrase I hope I never here ! The great thing about being turned on by shoes and feet is that they are so every day and everywhere and the vast majority of the population don’t know you get off on their feet and foot wear. Super markets and offices are places of erotic delight for me but more of that later!

Spilling My Seed

I have a preference for particular shoes. My first love is high heeled mules I am sure this is because it was the preferred shoe of choice by many glamour models in 80s during porn shoots. Happy days thinking of opened legged inviting ladies lying on beds with mules waiting for me to fuck them...well waiting for me to spill my seed over the pages they inhabited! Mules to me mean sex! If you think about it high heeled mules for porn stars make sense. Easy to put on easy to discard as the passion rises. When I was wanking over these pictures I often found myself fixating on a woman’s feet and thereby her sexy shoes. I subconsciously began to appreciate and be aroused by the features of the shoes and of course feet. I began to love toe cleavage and arch cleavage which were both created by the shoes relationship with the foot. What I love so much about mules are the sound they made when a woman walks, that slapping of the shoe sole on a woman’s foot and the clop of the shoes on the floor combined to arouse me. That sound is guaranteed to get me hard. I don’t even need to see the woman in the shoes to get erect. The anticipation of what will turn a corner when you hear mules slapping her soles and heels is one of the most erotic sounds in the world. Often what turns the corner might not be a lady I particularly fancy but because she wearing mules she automatically has some sex appeal to me. Where I work you hear people before you see them. I can recognise each lady’s walk and the joy of hearing what I know be a sexy lady arriving is amazing. Also the excitement of a new walk along the corridor is electrifying especially if she is a hottie! I love flip flops for all the same reasons they make a similar but lighter sound than high heeled mules probably because they are lighter and don’t have heels. No heels is not a deal breaker in my erotic world. I love flats as equally as heels and in the porn world of the 80s a model in ballet flats was as erotic to me as a woman in 4 inch heels. Flats can give gorgeous toe and arch cleavage my desire on seeing cleavage is to want to fill it with my sticky cum. Flats are more comfortable for a woman so get worn and battered more and therefore smell and taste so funky. I love so called sensible shoes like Scholls and Birkenstocks they show off a woman’s bare foot but give her comfort so they are very popular and as they expose the foot us men will a foot and shoe fetish love them. My wife certainly does and I love secretly cumming on them knowing she will walk in them later! I love sniffing old shoes and licking especially the insides where the sole is worn. That smell of worn leather, mixed with a woman’s foot scent is intoxicating, an erotic erection inducing musk! I also find new shoes new leather or rubber also very sexy. Breaking in a new pair of shoes with my own special shoe and foot lotion is always an erotic delight. I have a thing for sparkly/ bejewelled shoes the way the light catches them and accentuates the objects of my desires, her feet and her shoes.

Sniff and Lick

As I said the really great thing about having a shoe and foot fetish is that you get the chance all the time to have sexy thoughts. Shoes and feet are ubiquitous the summer is the best time of year. A time when ladies choose as the days get warmer to consign their sensible shoes to the wardrobe and wear sandals, flip flops and mules to give their feet some air and sun. Supermarkets closely followed by offices are the best places to admire and perv feet and the shoes that encase them.

I first wanked with a shoe a few years ago my wife had some small heeled black stiletto that were strappy and showed off her feet in a very sexy. I loved them especially when she wanked me off wearing them. Once she did it whilst accidently standing on my hand. The pain of the heel on my hand was delicious she didn’t know she was hurting me and I came so hard, all over her hand and her heels. She wore them a lot so they were battered and worn. One day I decided to sniff and lick them whilst I masturbated. They had suede uppers and smelled divine, years of ingrained sweat combining with the leather and suede to make a strong shoe scent and taste. I licked and sniffed one shoe balancing it on my face and pushed the heel of the other shoe into my perineum, the feeling of the heel was intense. I wanked furiously with my free hand, the sharp heel digging into the space between my balls and ass was drove me in sane and I came very quickly, spurting torrents of spunk all over the shoes suede strappy uppers and deep inside the insole. I then put it to my mouth watched my milky coloured cream dribble down the shoe and devoured my hot sticky cum. It tasted and smelt amazing, the smell of sex the smell of ecstasy. I was hooked!

I have also developed a penchant for sniffing the shoes of ladies I know. Over the years the smell of a woman’s used shoe has I think subconsciously aroused me going back probably to my mother’s flip flops but it wasn’t until recently I have furtively started to deliberately sniff shoes. I started with my wife’s many pairs but have also when the opportunity has arisen sniffed pairs of shoes of friends and co-workers. When they are left discarded around the workplace or placed on display on shoe racks in their houses the urge often proved too much to resist. The first time was a friends training shoes. She had left them in my car. I knew they were there and fixated about burying my nose in them to suck up the smell of her athletic sexy feet, the anticipation was far greater than the reward they were new trainers and only had the barest hint of a sexy aroma. I was disappointed but the act of doing it was electric, the thought of being caught the danger and thought of being labelled a perv was incredibly erotic.

Sophie and Her Fulsome Breasts

Then there was the Goddess that is Sophie. A lady who ensnared me in her web with her subtle flirting, luscious legs and fulsome breasts. She entranced me first with her sexy, battered wooden mules. Each morning she traipsed past my office. The sound of wood on the floor and the soft slap of her mules on her soles and heels was intoxicating She always had a sleepy look on her face, a sexy just been fucked look that combined with her other assets gave me wood every morning. I used to gaze intently as she walked away, studying the gorgeous wiggle of her bum and the peek a boo glimpse of her sexy soles as she lifted her mules and disappeared up the corridor. She liked me and would often give me a little sexy show as we worked together. Slipping off her mules and stretching out her shapely legs on any available chair. My eyes were drawn to the bait, bare legs or nylons I didn’t care I was transfixed and she knew this so she teased me more. Dangling her shoe off her toes hitching down her skirt as it rode up as she stretched her legs, just gloriously sexy. We had several sexy encounters and bonded as soul mates it was an intense emotional relationship topped off with the occasional physical sexual encounter. I loved those encounters of course they were very erotic and conventionally sexual. I look back on my shoe fetish assignations with her with as much joy. One night after a drunk works party in the back of a taxi she slipped off her heels and placed her nylon encased legs on my crotch. I was instantly erect and needed no further invitation and began to massage her feet erotically. Concentrating on soft touches of her feet’s erogenous zones, the fleshy point below her ankles, her wrinkly soles and long loving strokes of her whole foot. It had the desired affect she love it relaxed more and stretched her legs out more pointing her toes in desire. The smell was amazing from her feet and nylons. Her tights were slightly damp with sweat from a nights dancing. I stole a sniffs, kisses and licks of her sexy, moist stockinged feet. She moaned with pleasure. When we arrived at hers we mutually chose not to continue aware we might be crossing a boundary that would compromise both our lives. We just chatted honestly and animatedly about everything including my crush on the lady whose trainers I had recently sniffed, Trish. All the time I was thinking but it’s you I really want now Sophie! As well as the magnificent mules she also had a wonderful pair of black sparkly and battered flip flops which she wore in the summer topped off with a flowery toe ring. Oh how I lusted after those shoes and her feet!

On one occasion I took her out for coffee in my car she sat with her feet up on the dash board. Oh I love that! Long legs, flip flops and toe ring in my peripheral vision it was all I could do to keep the car on the straight and narrow! Distracted by her glamorous gams and the extra gear stick in my pocket. Then she slipped her feet out of the flops and it was bare feet on the dash, long stretched out legs in my line of sight and pre cum in my pants. I knew I needed to worship her shoes at some point and my chance came a few weeks later when at her house when she was out of the room with a visitor. Sitting on the kitchen shoe rack were both my objects of desire, the batter mules and sparkly flip flops. Whilst she was away I took my chance and buried my nose and tongue into each shoe one at a time. Each sole was resplendent with toe prints and the whiff of sweet and sour foot perfume from years of foot wear. They tasted of dirt, worn leather and sweat I savoured every sexy aroma and taste the taste of pure sexiness. I replaced them on the rack still glistening with my saliva. My groin ached and I was desperate to pay tribute to them but knew I hadn’t the time to spurt my full to the brim balls all over my Goddess’s shoes. Seconds later she breezed back into the room totally unaware of my carnal aching. I raced home to sate my desire cumming like a train whilst thinking of Sophie’s perfect feet and shoes.

Another young woman a workmate used to thoughtful leave her work heels under her desk every day after work. They had battered suede uppers which held her scent beautifully a smell which to my nostrils pervaded the whole room. I regularly used to sneak in during the early morning to bury my nose and tongue into my shoe nirvana! Licking and sniffing ravenously to get my kicks. Another workmate Ms Red Shoes knows of my fetish and has allowed me to remove her shoes and massage her feet and then allowed me place them back on her gorgeous thin feet with long slim toes. A task I performed as a labour of love enjoying fully every stroke of her curved arches and soft soles. I performed the task under the intense frustration of a very hard cock leaking pre cum and balls fit to burst. She continues to regularly tease me knowing she is frustrating me to distraction! A feeling that I love so much. Almost there but not quite! I await the day when I am finally allowed a release onto her feet and shoes.

So my experience so far with shoes, a relatively new experience but I can feel my desires driving me to do more, to become more daring and that delicious erotic feeling that the fear of being exposed or caught out brings…

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