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Exposing a slave

Now and then we get requests from slaves who wish to be exposed for what they are. They love to serve and be used for the pleasure and purpose of others. Usually, we would deny their desires, but this particular slave appears to know no bounds. So, we thought we would grant him his wish and expose him before the Darkside audience.

His name is slave Yazan. He is 41 years old and comes from Jordan. ‘Being a slave for Females is what I live for’, he says. ‘I believe in Female Supremacy and I also believe Females are Gods. I am into everything that pleases my Goddess or the Mistress I serve. I was trained and served into full slavery such as foot worship, trampling, hard caning and spanking. I can take a high level of pain and taking punishments’.

Slave Yazan also admits to offering a full toilet service, strapon play, taking real dicks for pleasing his Mistress, public humilation and humilation in general, as well as being exposed!

‘I believe I have no choice but to choose and obey my Goddess Owner to the extreme,’ he adds.

So, if you are looking for an obedient slave who will do anything, we suggest Yazan!

Twitter: @Slavey4G

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