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How the pandemic has changed people's sexual habits

The pandemic has changed the lives of millions of people. Many of them have lost their jobs, the others faced significant business losses. The entire world is learning how to work remotely and build relationships with their family when staying under one roof 24/7. What is the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the private lives of people all over the world? Here is a list of top changes most individuals experience during the pandemic.

Decreased libido

The crisis is a tough time for crowds of people. It caused tons of new problems and fears. Surely there can't be anyone on the planet who can now feel completely safe with no risk of falling ill with COVID. The lives of many individuals have become much more stressful. Not only do you need to take care of yourself but also your family members and best friends who can easily become the victims of the global pandemic. What if your loved one suddenly has a positive COVID-19 test? What should you do in case your loved one gets to the hospital? How can you protect your family from being infected? These are the most common questions that were asked by almost all people.

There is nothing new in the facts that stress and anxiety significantly decrease a person’s libido. Most people are now wondering how to protect themselves from the disease and get a new source of income rather than having sex. Too many new challenges made people forget about their personal life and solve the hottest issues with their health and employment.

Limited casual dating

Casual dating is no longer a common thing for thousands of people. It is impossible to make sure whether the person you meet just for having sex is healthy or has a positive test for COVID-19. The risks of meeting an ill individual are very high, so lots of people who preferred casual dating before the pandemic were forced to change their sexual habits and to turn to the top dating platforms. People are trying to limit the number of their contacts, staying at home, or having sex with the same partner. This is made only for safety reasons.

The bloom of hookup sites

Although many people are no longer trying casual dating, communication is still important for all of us. But how can you meet new people and even your loved ones during the pandemic? Top hookup websites are here to help. You don’t need to meet someone face to face to start communication. Most popular online dating solutions significantly increased the number of new members. Moreover, new players with innovative features have appeared on the market, offering completely new approaches to dating.

Many people prefer having online sex with a hot partner rather than meeting in person during the pandemic. Staying at home is safer, while virtual sex might give you almost the same pleasure as if you were sharing the bedroom with your new crush.

Many young people lack sex

Lockdown appeared to be a real issue for many young adults. Not only do they have limited chances to meet their friends, but it also becomes incredibly difficult to find a new crush. Before the pandemic, the young minds could find a partner at numerous parties, night clubs, concerts, cafes, and numerous public places. However, these hotspots no longer continue to be great alternatives for meeting new people. Moreover, distance learning also sets certain limitations on real-life meetings. Therefore, many young adults desperately lack communication, meeting new people, establishing relationships, and having sex.

The number of divorces increased

Staying with the same person day-in-day-out for quite a long period of time is surely difficult. Many couples have faced serious relationship issues during the pandemic. Some of them suddenly discovered that they are completely different people who have nothing in common. They don’t want to improve their communication, improve relationships, and sex life, instead seeing divorce as the only alternative. This might sound sad, but this is true.

Decline in sexual activity

The sexual activity of many men and women depends on numerous factors. Having a good mood and lots of positive emotions is one of the factors for being sexually active. For example, having a nice vacation in a new place often helps couples to make their bedroom life more diverse. However, quarantine made traveling to remote places impossible. Moreover, people are forced to stay at home, having limited opportunities for visiting cinemas, concerts, and other public places. These limitations lead to a lack of fresh emotions. Not only have the daily lives of many people became dull and boring, their sexual activities have also faded.

A larger number of break-ups

The feelings of thousands of couples were not ready for staying apart during the quarantine. When you can’t meet your crush in person for weeks or even months, your relationship might start to dissolve. This is exactly what happened to crowds of people all over the world. Love and passion should walk hand in hand, but the coronavirus crisis made it impossible. Many couples failed to see each other for an extremely long period of time, finally leading to break-up.

Domestic violence

Sex is an inevitable part of any balanced relationships. However, staying at home with the entire family appeared to be too difficult for some individuals. Stress and constant pressure made some people feel angry, exhausted, and even furious. All these factors lead to a burst in the number of cases of home violence in numerous families. Of course, this caused a negative impact on the sexual lives of hundreds of people.

Decrease in intimate behaviors

Diverse sexual life is an important factor for establishing and maintaining a happy relationship. However, this is not the only thing couples should do to show their love. Intimate behaviors, including hugs, kisses, cuddling, and holding hands, are also extremely necessary. Unfortunately, most couples reported a significant decrease in the amount and the quality of intimate behaviors. The main reasons for such a dramatic change are stress and depression.

New sexual practices

Not all couples were feeling anxious and frustrated during the pandemic. The quarantine limitations helped many people get a small break in building careers and trying to earn more money. Couples finally got lots of unique opportunities to spend more time with each other. The dream of staying in bed for the entire day came true for many couples. Therefore, many individuals decided to try something new to spice up their sexual routine. Some tried new techniques, while others decided to put some sex toys into the practice. This fact is proved by the rise in sales of sex toys throughout most locked-down countries. Anyway, the sexual lives of many people during the pandemic flourished and not only due to dating apps.

The fear of being infected

Many people are having a panic fear of being infected by COVID-19. They decided to limit the number of their contacts, as well as avoid visiting any crowded places. However, for some individuals, the panic appeared to be really overwhelming. Not only did they break down the contacts with colleagues and friends, but also with their partners. This decision turned out to be a serious issue for many families. The fear of being infected transformed into a real phobia for some individuals, changing their lives forever.

Baby boom

Staying at home together with your loved one for a long time is a great chance to have a rest and have an unforgettable time together. Many couples significantly improved their sex lives during the quarantine. Moreover, having unprotected sex lead to an increased number of pregnancies. According to recent data, millions of babies were accidentally conceived during the quarantine. Consequently, a real baby boom is expected in lots of countries in the near future. The scientists have already given this tendency the name “the coronavirus baby boom.”

All in all, the coronavirus crisis has drastically changed the lives of almost all people worldwide. Not only have many of them have lost their incomes, but also faced strong psychological pressure caused by the pandemic’s limitations. Many families failed to come through this tough period, while others became stronger and more supportive. The pandemic also had a diverse impact on the sexual habits of millions of individuals. To put it briefly, life after the COVID-19 crisis will never be the same again. It is better to try to get used to the new environment and just accept it. Don’t forget to stay safe, too.

By Coleen,

Coleen is a writer, photographer and film maker at Wasteland and She is also the editor for and has written articles and educational features that date back to the early days of the internet in 1996 when the site was first launched.

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