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Interview with Gia von Dash

I found her somewhere in the portfolio of photographer TENTESION. By the way, I should say “world class photographer.” He’s well published, minted books and calendars, and shows his work regularly and some very pricey galleries. Google him sometime. You will be in for a real treat.

Her name was Gia von Dash, a total standout among a great big book of standouts. There seemed to be something very special about this woman. Aside from being drop-dead gorgeous, there was a certain ineffable star quality which made her somehow even more beautiful. Perhaps it was the sweet joy of the pose, of lighting up for the photographer, of living in the moment. Whatever it was, she had somehow taken a little piece of my heart.

I had to tell good friend and editor, Paul, about Tentesion. Paul gave his portfolio a glance, and, without prompting, he concurred. “Love the nuns!” He wrote back. Sure enough, whatever it was that made Gia special had caught his eye as well. And so, proudly, we share her with you. We hope that you just might yourselves a little bit taken too.

Smitty: Hello Gia. Welcome to Darkside Magazine. I must say that you seem to truly enjoy working in front of the camera. Modeling is a lot of work, of course, but do you get to have some fun too?

Gia: It's my passion. I really enjoy when I'm working. Results are amazing and I think that's because I enjoy it a lot.

Smitty: You have a real talent for photoposing. Where did you learn it? Or are you something of a "natural?"

Gia: I've never learnt how to photopose... Photoposing is something natural for me. I'm an artist.

Smitty: What was it like to work with Tentesion? Which one of you thought up the nun costume?

Gia: Working with Tentesion was a big honor because he's a great artist. Tentesion thought up the nun costume, he always thinks about ideas for photoshoting

Smitty: Can you tell us a little about yourself? Where are you from? What got you started on this wonderful journey? What get you up in the morning?

Gia: I'm from Dominican Republic. A boyfriend had introduced me to the Fetish World many years ago. Becoming a great artist makes me get up in the morning.

Smitty: Can you tell us a little more about the particulars of you "dark side?" Are you into latex? Dominant? Submissive?

Gia: I love latex!! and I also love BDSM... I adore what other people call "forbidden"... I'm submissive but dominant as well, I like both roles.

Smitty: And where can we see more of you?

Gia: In my social network: Facebook and Instagram, follow me @giavondash

Smitty: Future plans? Future goals?

Gia: Becoming a fetish model, I like to succeed!!

Smitty: Well, Gia, I would say that you have done that already. The honor is all ours. Stay dark!

And someday, should you find yourself in the mood for a few guilty pleasures, google my new friend and personal favorite: TENTESION.

Written by Smitty

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