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My Life as a Pony

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Can you imagine being a Pony for a Pro-Domme? Well, this kinkster, known as DrPonyPatBond, has done just that. And what a story he has to tell...

How did I become a ProDominatrix’s pony boy? How did I end up dressed in head to toe latex, leather pony hood, leather pony tack and hooves surrounded by some of the most beautiful and sought after ProDommes in the world? 

“My repressed kinks, that I had kept hidden for years to be a responsible vanilla, bubbled back to the surface with a vengence”

All good stories begin with a leap of faith. You must take a risk to receive a reward. My story is no different. I’ve raised my family and after a successful career I was fortunate enough to be able to retire when I was still in my mid-fifties. My repressed kinks, that I had kept hidden for years to be a ‘responsible vanilla,’ bubbled back to the surface with a vengeance. From the back of the closet, my fetish gear that had remained hidden for years, reappeared and I needed a serious fix of advanced kink, right away. The fetish and kink beast needed to be fed.

Netflix and Chill

The internet was a good place to start and before long I was reading an advertisement for the stunningly beautiful Mistress Michelle Lacy. There was a photo of her on the couch, a man beside her and the TV remote control in her hand. They could have been any couple spending the evening watching Netflix with one major difference. Her partner was secured in heavy duty leather bondage gear – he was her gimp. As I stared at the photo, something in my head clicked. She made the kinkiness just seem so normal. This was the perfect version of “Netflix and chill” for me!  

After sending her a note of introduction and hoping against hope that she would deem me worthy of a reply, I was overjoyed to see a response in my inbox. With shaking hands, I opened it to find her eloquent reply. Just like her website, the reply had been written like a laser beam aimed directly at me. It was no canned reply that could have been sent to anybody. I decided I must meet this amazing woman. I needed that level of expert kink in my life! 

A date was set for our first session and on meeting her in the flesh I felt an incredible connection. She could read my mind and she understood my body perfectly, better than I knew myself. She shared my kinks and since then, every session with her has been a fun adventure of great creativity. Her wicked imagination, enhanced by a wide range of gear, ensures that every scenario is unique and boggles my mind. She is not only physically attractive, but also a caring person. The icing on the cake, for me at least, is that she enjoys science fiction, comics, movies and every male nerd past time one can imagine! 

Before long we had experienced more than a dozen bondage, torture and tease sessions together. It was then that Mistress Michelle sat me down and explained something that deep down inside me, I already knew. She recognized that I am not truly submissive, describing me as more of a “polite fetishist” but nonetheless, she loves our sessions together. I too, love the bondage and tease scenarios and I just love being around the lovely lady that is Mistress Michelle. Being a true sadist, she gets more enjoyment from torturing her subjects, but I am not particularly masochistic and struggled to deal with all the pain that came from our bdsm play.

As luck would have it, I stumbled upon Cpony’s website on pony play that evening. It explained many aspects of the pony kink including the history, essays, stories and where to purchase human equestrian gear. One of his essays on “finding submission in pony play” struck a huge chord with me and I asked Mistress Michelle if we could try some pony tack and engage in some play. 

My first pony session was a revelation, a real switch for me. The leather tack enveloped my body and with the tightening of every strap, the human part of me faded. I was

de-personalized and as I adopted more of the equine mindset, somehow I began to enjoy the pain. I had found my place in this twisted and kinky world, morphing into an animal, a noble, beautiful animal, able to leave my inhibited intellect behind. Magically I learned to accept the torture and ‘the training’ of the beast, even yearn for it. We are now exploring deeper levels of impact play and more intense levels of electrotorture!  

We’ve had many, many pony training and bondage sessions since then, all fun and unique in their own way. I’ve attended parties with her, including a Fetish Factory Pool Party and an Art Basel event in Miami South Beach where we were hired as kink performers.

My pony play gear collection is growing exponentially. It’s become an obsession, a glorious kink filled obsession, where the more I get, the more I want. We never get bored with our play and are always on the lookout for more bondage or pony gear. I refer to Cpony’s website for information on gear and new pony tack. Apart from the enjoyment of seeing myself in my pony tack, further pony aesthetic for me comes from European pony play photos. I converse with more pony players throughout the States and abroad on Fetlife than I can mention and especially admire the pony player, Nighty.

Under the guidance and assistance from Mistress Michelle, I’ve crammed ten years worth of experiences into less than five years, checking many goals off my kinky bucket list in the process. While certainly not bored, I think I’m a little bit jaded right now, wanting more and not able to do everything I want.

If all I’ve done is not enough, it gets even more interesting. Mistress Michelle uniquely runs a weekend Femdom and slavery immersion weekend, called the Order of Indomitus, and invites other Dommes to participate. Through this, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to meet, session, photoshoot and film with many famous dominatrixes. I’ve had fun photoshoots with four or five very well-known Dommes several times. Dominatrixes love talking Domme-like, knowing full well what effect they are having on me during the shoot.

The Order of Indomitus is held at Club Dom.  Club Dom is the special estate used to film BDSM porn and is a fascinating place to visit. With jodhpur clad equestrian Dommes, I engaged in pony play sessions there where I was filmed and photographed as I was being trained and made to pull pony carts. On top of that, I’ve met some of the slaves who attend The Order Of Indomitus slave weekend run by Mistress Michelle Lacy. It’s pretty amazing to drive up and watch leather and latex clad mistresses hosing their naked male slaves, all locked in chastity, with cold water. Watching their fantasy become reality is a really special feeling and hopefully they had similar feelings when they saw me undergoing my equestrian work.

The lush, five-acre grounds, which include a home, pool and a barn was re-named Indomitus Estate after being purchased by Mistress Michelle at the end of the year. 

Recently one of my photoshoots involved five internationally famous Dommes. Once again, it was at the end of the Order of Indomitus slavery weekend and the weekend was officially over. As naked slaves helped with the clean-up, we completed an intense two-hour photoshoot with another Mistress who had her German pony boy slave serving her.

The photo themes were simple, but our pony gear was anything but. With gear from the fanciest purveyors of pony player tack, we wore body hugging latex catsuits, thigh high leather pony boots, elaborate and tightly buckled leather harnesses, tails and beautiful horse hoods. With my selection of pony hoods, I only had to change them for different shots, but the ladies had more elaborate costume changes. Having their way with us exactly as they pleased, they used us to pose together and with then individually in a variety of scenes that took their fancy. 

Spectacular, intimidating and beautiful, the ladies were all amazing individuals, intelligent beyond belief and able to charm a stranger to do their bidding. They exuded power and positivity while at the same time having endless amounts of fun. 


Many lifestyle kinksters talk about bdsm not being “real” with professionals. They say the Dommes hate men and don’t really enjoy their work. While we have to accept that there are ‘duds’ in all professions, they rarely last very long and it is the exact opposite of my meetings and interactions with them. Without exception, the ladies I have met have been highly intelligent and imaginative, consummate professionals.

Any woman who maintains a positive outlook while having daily interaction with rude, clumsy males, often exhibiting limited social skills, deserves admiration.  Furthermore, these women constantly hone their skills, travel and take classes and learn from each other on how best to torture their clients, both mentally and physically while still keeping them safe.

Having met and gotten to know many of these famous dominant women, I can say without fear of contradiction that they are well educated and incredibly skilled. It is not just a weekend of fun per month as they play a game. They truly live, breathe and treasure the kink lifestyle they’ve embraced.

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