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Nipple play and nipple torture

Many submissives find the manipulation of their nipples and application of pain to them extremely stimulating, for some people it is a major fetish. The first point to consider is that the application of most nipple toys will restrict blood flow so care must me taken with all clamps, clips and pegs to ensure they are not left on for too long; as a general rule leave them on for no more than 10-15 mins before removing them. If there is any coldness or discoloration to the skin affected then they should be removed immediately, you can always reapply them once the blood flow into the nipple has been well established if you choose to. One of the most intense parts of the scene is when clips are removed because the blood rushing back into the area creates a sudden rush of pain, if you are going easy on your slave some of this pain can be avoided, all you have to do is to squeeze the skin behind the clip and release your fingers slowly. Doing this allows the blood to flow back into the slaves nipples more slowly which makes the rush of pain somewhat less intense.

If you are intending to twist or manipulate your submissive's nipples it might be a good idea to use some rubbing alcohol to remove any lubricant or greasy substances which might cause a clip or your fingers to slip, alternatively you might want to use a piece of fabric with your fingers to maintain a good grip on your submissive's nipples.

Clips with teeth are quite appealing for aesthetic and fetishistic reasons though using them can cause small abrasions to the skin, while they might not bleed it can result in making the submissive's nipples much more sensitive and continued use of the might not be possible. If the slaves nipples are to be used extensively I recommend only using clips and clamps with a large or flanged contacts. If a submissive needs extreme nipple stimulation it is possible to apply it by using clips and clamps at the same time. The clamps should be fastened down onto the areola which should leave enough of the slaves nipple protruding for a clip to also be attached to it. 


Clothes Pegs (Pins)  - clothes pegs are a cheap though very effective piece of equipment, they can be attached all over a submissive's body and many can be applied at any given time, more can be slowly applied to stretch a sub's pain threshold.  

Duckbill Clamps - These have smooth rounded flanges, most be clamped down onto the nipple using a screw spacing pin. Duckbill clamps are sometimes not as effective as other forms of clamp as they can slip around on sweaty skin and can come off, they are not easily usable on a sub with a nipple piercing. 

Pincer Clamps - Pincer clamps are quite simple in design they are made out of two steel wires that are pressed together using an small metal ring that you move along to tighten the two ends together. The tips of the clamps are small though they are quite effective. 

Saw Jaw Clamps - These are an effective form of clamp, they usually have a strong spring which sometimes makes them unsuitable for use on inexperienced subs. These clamps usually do not open very wide and they are not usable on subs with well developed nipples.

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Alligator Clips - They are so called because of the way they resemble the mouth of an alligator they have a long nose with lots of teeth they are quite versatile and are a very effective form of clamp. 

Barracuda Clips - These can be very effective they are similar to alligator clips though they are shorter and only have teeth on the tip of the snout. 

Clover Clamps - Clover clamps have round pads that apply a crushing pressure to a submissive's nipple in an action similar to that of a pair of scissors, the pressure can be increased by putting more tension on the chain that connects the clamps, the chain can be pulled on or have weights attached to it. 

Weights - The application of weights to nipple clamps and other types of clamp on a submissive's body can be a very interesting and effective form of punishment play though care should be taken when it is being administered. An interesting way of training and using a submissive is to start of by applying light weights to her for a short amount of time and then eventually building up the amount of weight that is used and the duration the weights are attached to the submissive over a series of training scenes. 

Nipple Suction Cups - They generally come in two different types the more effective ones are made from poly safety glass whereas the cheaper ones are made from plastic they are placed onto a subs nipples and a pump is used to suck the nipple into the cup. They can be used to develop and train a subs nipples, they make the nipples larger and they can also be used to draw blood flow into the nipple which increases its sensitivity. 

Forceps - Forceps are often used in piercing and needle play, they make a great addition to medical scenes though they can also be used as serious nipple clamps if you get the ones that lock into place with a ratchet when they are closed.

Written by Asj

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