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Why do some ladies love to be spanked?

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Having sex is one of the most dynamic concepts in relationships, but sadly, most people don't pay attention to what their partner really likes and wants to experience in bed. Men are often the ones being overly aggressive about sex.

Let’s say you’re hooking up with one of Toronto Escorts for the first time. You likely have no idea what you’re doing but this is exactly why you need to listen and pay attention. There's time for aggression, and there are times when you just have to listen to your partner's body and act accordingly.

Most men don't see having sex and spanking as anything serious. Some ladies who like to be spanked will get offended or turned off if you spank them. It’s not just CT Escorts who love being spanked during sex, lots of regular girls enjoy this naughty play as well. It's more than hitting but and this act has been on for hundred and of years; hence, it's essential you understand the reason why ladies love to be spanked.

Note; however that spanking in relationships is entirely different from spanking your child. While spanking your child is majorly in the form of punishment, spanking a lady is out of enjoyment, or in some cases, during BDSM. Hence, it's regarded as a sadomasochistic act. If your partner isn't spanking you and it's what you want, you probably should talk to him. Spanking could be her turn-on switch, and if opposite, it could also be a turn-off if not properly done. It's somewhat impossible to watch BDSM videos without seeing the guy spanking the lady. It's like a sex enhancer where the lady is geared to do more, and the guy dishes out the discipline.

Why should I spank my spouse?

If you've been following from the beginning and you are wondering why you should spank your woman, here are some of the reasons. You'd be surprised at the first reason!

● It might be her turn-on switch:

If you don't know, I'm telling you now; your partner has a turn-on switch. It's left for you to find out what it is and how to access it. So, peradventure your partner's switch is a spank, and you don't do it adequately or properly; it could become problematic. Hence, in order for you to be able to access your partner's turn-on switch, which in this case could be spanking, you must have paid attention to her body and understand how she responds to sexual touches. The reaction differs; it's impossible to put something bitter in your mouth without making a sour face. In that same context, if your partner's turn-on switch is spanking, you need to get your move on and do it appropriately.

It's the pace-maker:

The same way the sinoatrial node works for the heart is the same way spanking sustains sex. Recall that sex isn't enjoyable without exploration, so keeping both parties active is overly critical. On this note, the main action and grip come from the man; every exploration is done by the guy and shared with the lady. Spanking is the pace-maker; it's synonymous with spanking a horse to running faster. It's impossible to spank a lady that loves spanking obviously without getting a response. Spanking keeps the pace, keeps the motion, and keeps the energy and the vibes all on. BDSM is incomplete without spanking, and some BDSM videos have this incorporated in the scripts.

It is more kinky than disciplinary:

Spanking your spouse, as explained earlier, is not a big deal inasmuch as your partner is okay with it. Spanking, in some relationships, is an expression of the other partner’s kinky. Why any of the partners can spank the other, it is more pronounced among the male folk to do the spanking. You can decide to spank your spouse anytime, either when having sex or casually. Either way, it’s not discipline but another means of communicating your kink. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being spanked. However, there have been several assumptions regarding if spanking makes the ass bigger. Nevertheless, spanking is exciting and fun if adopted in relationships where there’s mutual understanding.

It could help relieve stress:

Spanking done appropriately could be all you need to get yourself off the day’s stress. While spanking can be in different forms, spanking done for this purpose (relieve stress) will help both the spanker and the spankee blow off some steam. However, some persons love being spanked to tears in order to feel any sense of relief. Most times, it’s for sexual needs, so endeavor you communicate with your partner as effectively as possible to analyze how you want to be spanked and why (if need be).

It’s the right act to spice sex up:

As mentioned earlier, spanking is the pace-maker in the sexual context. When having sex and your partner decides to go all gaga on you, spanking could be a means of calming her down, especially during BDSM. A lot of individuals believe s gentleman won’t spank his woman.

However, there’s nothing gentle about having BDSM sex as these acts are regarded as extreme. They are what makes BDSM unique compared to other forms of sex. Having sex and spanking your partner will help her release her kinky and could help her arrive at ecstasy quite faster. If your partner does love to be spanked, do well to spank her as appropriately as possible.

On no condition should spanking become abusive in any relationship. One of the reasons why some ladies do not tolerate BDSM or any extreme form of sex is because it later becomes abused and taken to the last extreme based on emotions. This shouldn’t be accepted as sex is meant to be enjoyed even with spanking being at the center.

Before adopting spanking, check if your partner is interested in having her butt spanked. Please do not assume they will like it; they might not at the end of the day, which could be catastrophic. It might become somewhat abusive and disrespectful.

There are several levels and forms of spanking, a better understanding of each of them is better, so your partner has enough options to select from. Spanking could be done as foreplay, during sex, or after sex – irrespective of the timing, be sure your partner is convinced they’d love to try it out and not under some sort of obligation of any kind.

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Unknown member
Sep 30, 2021

I personally enjoy giving and receiving a good spanking! Here's to cherry red cheeks!

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