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You're in the (fetish) army now!

Chris has travelled the world in with the British Army, but now he is putting his disciplines to a use of a very different kind...

Imagine a world where everything is dictated to you. A world where everything you wear and how you perform is pre-ordained. Imagine a world where discipline is key to the smooth running of everyday life… a hierarchy steeped in tradition that will never change. Lack of discipline is rewarded with punishment, subordination delivers consequence, yet you feel a part of a family and a wider community.

I’ve had the priviledge to have served across the World with the British Army, and when a soldier leaves the armed forces they still retain that discipline, bearing and attention to detail that defines the stereotypical squaddie. However, I have found that all these values and standards are equally as important in ‘civvie street’ particularly when it comes to the fetish world. Life can be rather quiet once all the green kit, weapons and testosterone are laid to rest. So I entered the world of fetish filming…

My first shoot was with the fantastic in London at the tail end of last year. Remembering the 7 P’s (prior preparation and planning prevent piss poor performance) I set off to the location. ‘Five minutes before a parade’ is the army’s mantra, so I was there in good time. It would be fair to say that my heart was pumping so fast it was as if I was half way through the army combat fitness test, but, after being greeted by the lovely Mistress Heather at the door I was strangely relaxed and started to take everything in. My first shoot was to be a military style interrogation scene with Miss Zoe. How apt. Once I was bound, naked, and the initial photographs had been taken, the filming and the scenario started. My training kicked in and the stock answer of ‘sorry I cannot answer that question’ just rolled from my lips. I suffered as a result. Miss Zoe caned, paddled and whipped my arse until the interrogation and the shoot were over.

After the filming had finished I had time to gather my thoughts and think about the events of the afternoon. I was surprised to find that everything had felt completely natural. It was a fascinating experience and one where I felt totally at home. I was very fit, healthy, disciplined, and simply did as I was told. Surprisingly however, I really did feel that my army discipline had kicked in during the shoot, and I discovered that quite clearly the ability to listen to instructions and obey orders instantly and without question never leaves you. Soldiers (by their very nature) have a certain confidence and outlook on life. They will complete all tasks to their best of their ability, are punctual, resourceful, and have a ‘never say die’ attitude. They also have a resilience and a refusal to give up when things get tough and always go that extra mile. Of course I am biased, but I am just speaking from my own experiences.

Brimming with a new found sense of confidence, I used the photos from the shoot to apply for another filming position – with Mistress Athena. Again, another interrogation scene and again something I felt very comfortable with. The Mistress was fantastic, and after a cup of coffee and a chat she set about caning my arse. I felt lucky that both shoots had been military in theme and had actually provided an atmosphere and an ambience that felt ‘familiar’. My most recent shoot was with the stunning Mistress Vixen. And after arriving there in good time (obviously), we had a brief chat about limits and the plan for the day. Filming commenced, following the same format as the femmefatale shoot, however this time, apart from a caning, I also had my nipples stretched and hot wax dripped over my cock and balls. Adapt. Improvise. Overcome, as they say…

I’ve discovered something that tests my discipline and my sense of adventure. When you leave the army, it is said that a soldier has ‘served’. I find it interesting that we use the same word in the kink world where it still alludes to that same sense of discipline, pride and ‘going that extra mile’. Everybody I’ve met along the way has been respectful, compassionate, incredibly friendly and totally professional, and I’m looking forward to continuing the journey. Oh, and if you need your boots bulling (polishing), kit ironing, house cleaning or any other item polished… Ask a soldier.

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