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Our ambitious tv show aims to bring
sci-fi and kink together!

'Valoria: Goddess of the Galaxy' is a six-part television series set in a future where the 'Goddesses' rule the galaxy. Men serve them and respect them, and this 'arrangement' makes for a peaceful way of existence throughout the known universe. But one day, the Dark Goddess, a powerful but bitter woman who seeks the whole galaxy for herself, stumbles across a power which enables her ambitions to become a reality. Only one Goddess is able to fight against her - Valoria. And so begins a 'kinky intergalactic space opera' with all manner of adventures and sexy encounters!

As you may have guessed, this is very much a tongue-in-cheek homage to the likes of Barbarella, Flash Gordon and Star Wars, but updated for a modern audience. A mixture of drama, comedy and nudity, 'Valoria: Goddess of the Galaxy' is a romp (in more ways than one) throughout a fetish-filled galaxy.

Yes, the series has a strong fetish/BDSM theme (the galaxy is run by Goddesses, after all) but with a general 'sexiness' which made the original Barbarella film so famous - or infamous! A fabulous sexy series for the kink community and the wider world in general.

We need funding for this project! If you can help, or know anyone who can, please drop us a line to



make a donation if you can!

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