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The Ultimate Sex Bucket List: 20 Must-Try Intimate Experiences

Even the most sexually adventurous of us still has a long way to go when it comes to exploring every sexual adventure there is. Wanting to fulfil certain fantasies is a very normal thing to do. After all, you only live once. There is only a fixed amount of time to explore the nasty and kinky world out there. Things happen so fast, and before you even know it, moments pass by. Do you want to live your life wishing you could have lived a little more adventurously?

This is where a sex bucket list comes in handy. What can you look back on when it comes to your sexual experiences over the years? Have you given it your all and experienced everything there is? If you are wondering what to add to your experiences, here is the ultimate sex bucket list for you.

1. Join the mile-high club

Let us start with a classic. Doing it on an aeroplane is very risky, which is probably what gives it that added edge. Sneaking off to the restroom away from everyone’s view and getting your wild side on in that small space, miles above the ground is undoubtedly an experience like no other. A lot of ambitious people have tried to join the club, but it is not as simple as it sounds. For one, it is illegal in many parts of the world and is a federal violation in the United States. You may either get a slap on the wrist or be put on the no-fly list.

This is exactly what makes it such an enticing idea. Good luck getting away with this!

2. Shower sex

Even though a lot of people consider this too vanilla of an experience, shower sex is something you must do at least once in your life. It might not be the easiest or the most comfortable way to do it, but it certainly is one of the most intimate and sensual ways. Bathing your partner, or having them bathe you while standing under the running water while being attached at the hip (quite literally), is something you will never forget.

3. Blindfolded sex

Sex is an experience of the senses. Every part of the body plays a role when it comes to feeling stimulated. A lot of people say that when one sense is repressed, other senses can become heightened. This is the rationale behind blindfolded sex, which is a part of the process of sensory deprivation during sex. Being able to see your partner’s face and body is an important component of having sex. When you are blindfolded, you cannot see anything around you, and as a consequence, there arises a certain sense of suspense and thrill. Moreover, it reduces the inhibitions one may have about the act or their body. It shows a certain sense of vulnerability, which can heighten the intimacy between the parties.

Just like doing it blindfolded, doing it with cuffed or tied hands also tends to have a similar kind of effect and is considered highly erotic.

4. Erotic roleplay

At least once in our lives, we have all pretended to be a rockstar and blasted tunes in the bathroom. Sexual roleplay is not much different from this. It involves two consenting adults indulging in an act where they pretend to be different people or characters. For example, if you are enacting your favorite sex scene from Game of Thrones, you and your partner would take on roles of characters from the show.

Essentially, erotic roleplay is a sort of break from reality and can spice up a couple’s sexual life considerably.

5. Wax play

Temperature play is an important component of sensory deprivation play during sex. Usually, this is seen in BDSM routines and is used as foreplay. Essentially, melted wax is poured onto specific erogenous zones of the body, which can lead to intense feelings of warmth. Most of the time, temperature play is done when the person in question is bound, tied and blindfolded. This way, their sense of the hot temperature is heightened and is considered pleasurable.

6. Animal play

The dynamic of the hunter/prey or the alpha/omega is something very commonly seen in certain elements of popular culture, such as fan fiction. These themes can also be brought into the sexual dynamic of a couple. Animal play essentially involves giving in to the primal, animalistic nature deep inside us and instead of “making love”, simply giving in to the desires of the flesh and doing it like animals.

7. Ice play

On the other end of the temperature play spectrum, ice play is considerably more popular than wax play since this is far less dangerous. As the name suggests, ice play involves a certain kind of sensory deprivation which is considered to be generally pleasurable. Make sure to always talk with your partner before indulging in any kind of sensory deprivation sex, since some of these involve the use of props and tools which might be dangerous.

8. Use toys

Sex toys have long been used in various ways, mainly as a means of foreplay. There are different varieties of sex toys for all people, which can certainly heighten the experience of having sex. While some people prefer to use toys only for foreplay, others like to use them while doing it. Since toys are mechanically wired to reach places and do things humans cannot do, they are certainly something that should be tried at least once.

9. Try doing it on a sex swing

A sex swing allows one partner to be suspended by the harness while the other partner moves freely. These have become very popular since they allow a certain degree of mobility, flexibility and support that is otherwise quite hard to achieve manually. A sex swing offers a different kind of stimulation and is therefore among the top props you need for adventurous sex.

10. Do it on a hotel balcony

There is always a thrill associated with having sex in a place where others can see you. While doing it in public is illegal in a lot of places, there is certainly no law stopping you from doing it on a hotel balcony, a few metres above the ground, in perfect view of any onlooker from the street. A balcony balances the edge of public and private, and can thus be a wonderful place to act out your public sex fantasy.

11. Go to a swingers club

If you want to experiment with group sex, but do not know how to begin, why not start out with swinging? There are different ways you can try swinging, but one of the best is to attend a swingers club, where you will find plenty of like-minded people. If you enjoy watching your partner get off with someone else or would like to do that on your own, swinging has to be an item on your sex bucket list.

12. Experiment with orgasm denial

Another component of BDSM, orgasm denial means controlling how and when your partner climaxes. This reinforces a sense of control and dominance over your partner, who in turn, also experiences a much more intense buildup of pleasure due to the denial. This can be a good way of getting your partner to have multiple orgasms.

13. Be a sex slave

Yet another BDSM dynamic, a sex slave is someone who, in the context of sex, consents to being “owned” by their partner in different ways. It is also a form of exercising and relinquishing control, which then heightens the experience of sex and pleasure. This is also something that should be on your bucket list, particularly if you are on the submissive end of the spectrum.

14. Explore tantric sex

Do you consider yourself to be a spiritual being? The concept of tantra explores sex as a form of attaining divinity, and thus, tantric sex is all about achieving spiritual contact while having a sexual experience. It prioritizes the idea of connection and intimacy and focuses on the journey (the process of sex) instead of the destination (the climax). While this is considered to be a more spiritual experience than a sexual one, it is still something worth looking into.

15. Use nipple clamps

Nipple clamps are a popular component of BDSM and bondage, which involve clothespin-like clamps placed on the nipples. This is another form of sensory play since it involves a certain degree of pain which allows the wearer to also experience pleasure.

It is important to use these tools and props with caution since nipple clamps can cause serious injuries if worn for longer than 30 minutes. The best way to explore using these is to engage in the act with someone who has experience handling them.

16. Experiment with a spreader bar

As the name suggests, a spreader bar is quite literally a system of screws which spreads the legs apart to a certain desired extent. While the spreader bar is most often seen around bondage plays, it is not exclusively limited as a bondage tool. It can be a very stimulating experience to experiment with one and feel the kind of pleasure associated with it.

Always make sure to use a spreader bar carefully, since unsupervised or inexperienced use can lead to serious injuries.

17. Visit sex parties

If you like seeing other people do it, sex parties are your thing! A sex party can be of various kinds, but there is usually no compulsion for anyone to join in the act in any way. If someone simply prefers to watch, that is perfectly acceptable. In case you feel awkward about visiting a sex party all on your own, you can hire an escort to accompany you for the evening.

18. Use a sex-machine

A sex machine simulates intercourse the same way human beings do. The benefit of using a sex machine is that you can use it on your own, as well as when you are with a partner. A lot of people prefer using sex machines because since these are mechanical, they can be adjusted for speed in a way humans cannot be. It is certainly something worth trying once.

19. Food play

Eating food off your partner’s naked body can certainly be a mouth-watering concept. This is exactly what food play involves. One of the most common things to eat is sushi since the Japanese delicacy is associated with increased virility and its visual appearance and components can act as an aphrodisiac. Also, licking chocolate or whipped cream off someone is a fairly popular practice.

20. Get (or give) a golden shower

For those who enjoy the humiliation kink associated with BDSM, a golden shower, popularly known as piss play, is definitely something worth trying. This is also a component of urolagnia or erotic gratification which is associated with the act of urinating. Ideally, this is done as a part of foreplay.

We hope this guide was helpful in your search for the kinkiest intimate experiences you can have with someone. We have carefully handpicked 20 must-have experiences that you will never forget. Unleash the incubus (or succubus) within you and indulge in your fantasies like never before.

Simon Benn

General Manager @ Gentlemen4Hire

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