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Are you a photographer, model or writer in the kink community? Submit to us!

Here at Darkside we welcome submissions from photographers, models and writers, whether amateur or professional. Photos can be hardcore or soft but should be of a fetish/BDSM nature, and should be accompanied by release forms, available from us.

Models can be female, male or trans and 18+ and accompanied by release forms. We love fetish and BDSM in all it's various and diverse forms and welcome body types of all shapes and sizes!

Writers - we are always on the lookout for interesting articles and stories! Interviews, advice, shared experiences or erotic stories always go down well with our readers.

Our submission guidelines are below. Or you can download them as part of our Media Pack here

Release forms can be downloaded from links at the bottom of this page.

Photography submission guidelines:
1. Please do not submit photos that have already appeared in multiple magazines or have appeared extensively online. For the benefit of our lovely readers, we much prefer exclusive content. Having said that, if we feel a set of images is particularly good, we may consider them if they have already appeared in a limited form elsewhere.

2. When you submit please send ONLY high resolution images with no logo or watermark. Please do NOT send screenshots, PDF composites or lo-res images off your phone, as these will not be of sufficient quality.


3. Images can be in colour or black & white and should be high resolution jpeg of 300dpi minimum.


4. Our preferred delivery method is or Dropbox. When you submit please include all credits in the first instance. We suggest you select YOUR best work from one set, about 10-15 images if possible. We will consider a mix of sets, for example, if showcasing the various styles of a photographer's work, but generally we prefer a single set.

5. We will inform you of our decision within 1-2 weeks and if successful we will email you to sign a release form, which we will send to you. If you are NOT the copyright holder (ie the photographer) then you must get permission from them before submitting. We will not accept submissions without signed permission from the photographer.  If you are a model, Domme etc and the photos were taken by a photographer, you must seek permission before sending in.

6. Whilst we always try to publish images when we say we will, sometimes changes happen and we have to hold off a set until the subsequent issue.

7. Copyright: Darkside Magazine acknowledges that the photographer retains all rights to his or her work, and will make this known in each publication. Please note that we reserve the right to use photography for any promotional purposes, but the photographer will be credited.


8. Finally, and of vital importance: We do not pay for submissions. We accept that this isn't suitable for everyone, but we do promise to promote your work and include weblinks and contact details within the pages of the magazine.

If you have any queries or questions, please email

Article submission guidelines:
1. Email an article proposal to In the email, summarize the focus of the article you want to write in three or four sentences.

2. By submitting an article to Darkside Magazine you are acknowledging that the manuscript is original, has not been published elsewhere, and is not under consideration by any other publication or electronic medium.

3. Please send manuscripts via e-mail as Microsoft Word attachments to Please include a brief (50 to 75 words) author biography. 

4. It is always beneficial to include photographs and/or illustrations with the submission where possible.

5. Articles should run from 1,200 to 2,200 words.

6. We acknowledge receipt of submissions and article proposals when they are sent. Please be aware, however, that lead time for publication can be up to four months, depending on other content.

7. Submission of original photographs and graphics to illustrate the article is encouraged. Please be aware, however, that Darkside Magazine will not pay fees to the author for photographs or graphics.

8. Photographs and graphics should be provided separately and not embedded in the Word file. See Photo Submission Guidelines.

9. Photographs or artwork supplied by someone other than the author should be clearly identified for credit and a release from the copyright owner and/or model should be filled out and sent to Darkside Magazine. Forms can be found on the final pages of this media pack. If the art has been previously published or is based upon previously published material, written permission from the copyright holder to reproduce or adapt the art must be submitted.

10. While the editors will attempt to preserve the author’s words and style, all accepted manuscripts or letters to the Editor will be edited for space and clarity according to the magazine’s style and format.

11. Darkside Magazine acknowledges that the author retains all rights to his or her work, and will make this known in each publication.

12. Authors are solely responsible for the content of articles submitted. The magazine accepts no responsibility for inaccuracies in  manuscripts or references.

13. When quoting any source (people, organisation, event or other) be sure to get permission to use the quote and double-check with the source to ensure that you have presented the quoted material accurately.

14. We do not pay for submitted articles. However, published articles and photos will include a credit and website/contact details.


Interested in submitting to us? Contact

We'd love to hear from you!

Download Photo Release Form       Download Model Release Form       Download Article Release Form

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