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A D/s room for complacency

The fantasy and reality of D/s relationships is one most will never understand. Vanilla relationships are complex enough, now throw in kink and the complexities seem to become even more of a challenge. I have made fantasies for countless people become there reality. I am known as the purveyor of perversion. In my world of bdsm/kink/ and or fetishes there are zero boundaries that preclude fantasies into reality. I prefer to not play with safe words as long as prior to all my sessions I have conducted a consultation. Now I do have requirements all involved are of legal consenting age and of sound mind and that no animals are ever involved. Now the reality is we’re all people like anyone else.  I believe there is always a heiarchy in a relationship. I am by nature very much the alpha female. 


I have been in D/s relationships, and I am currently loosely in one now. I say this, because my expectations are extremely high, and I set the bar very high, and in order to continue me in engaged in any relationship I expect my partner to make a continued effort to please me, and not in the monetary sense, because for me I have countless pay pigs, who fulfill my expectations on that level.

I expect from my submissive to make a constant effort to push himself by doing things they normally would feel unsettled in doing. It’s so incredibly disappointing when they have a false sense of security as to what worked initially in building a D/s relationship is still the acceptable criteria.

I can only speak for myself when I say my sex drive is insatiable what may have captured my interest for the moment for some time does not mean it will always be the acceptable norm for me always.

The cautionary tale for subs seeking a D/s relationship is such you must always keep your Mistress engaged for the moment you allow any margin of error or penetration into the circle that was established between you both is the very moment there is a laundry list of many very willing and ready sub’s eagerly awaiting to be collared by your Mistress.

Complacency does not just happen in vanilla relationships. I think in having experienced both types of relationships vanilla and D/s relationships the probability of it occurring in bdsm relationships is much stronger, because dominant women with such a high libido as myself am confident in expressing what satisfies me and I am quick to let go of what has  become routine to my submissive. My wants, desires, and needs must always be satisfied first and foremost. 

By Mistress Divina. Check out her site at

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