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What Rick’s Cabaret New York Had In Store For This Londoner

Walking from the famous NYC landmark, Madison Square Garden, to just a block beyond, I wanted to avail myself of another Manhattan landmark, Rick’s Cabaret New York.

Like most men my age (42), I have visited a few strip clubs in my day, as much in London, where I live, as in a few other cities. But Rick’s was unlike any I had ever seen. 

First of all, it is big, sporting three floors, and what I was told is a roof deck used during the warmer months for men to enjoy a smoke, have a drink, maybe lounge on one of the couches with a Rick’s girl (or two). And as an extra interesting point, from ‘up there,’ one can see another venerable New York landmark, The Empire State Building.

But this night, I stayed inside the club to enjoy the ‘heat.’

Rick’s girls are some of the most gorgeous women you will ever lay eyes on. I was told on any given day, there might be as many as a hundred of them performing at the club, and this night, the women I saw had me captivated. They strip out of bikinis, thin, revealing lingerie, and all manner of sexy outfits, and I just grabbed one (ok, maybe it was two) drinks offered on, and stayed nearly until closing time. 

Rick’s closes at 4 am every day.

Somewhere along the night, I realized I could even get a late-night bite (they have a world-class in-house steakhouse right inside the club). I enjoyed an excellent, completely American cheeseburger. Who would have known you could get such great food inside a strip club? 

And yes, I did enjoy that other iconic strip club pastime of ‘making it rain” on a stripper or two.

So, what did this Londoner learn from my trip to the States, and specifically my visit to a gentleman’s cabaret with one of the finest reputations?

There can be a big difference between what the ubiquitous strip club offers and what a gentleman cabaret can provide. And sometimes, as is the case with Rick’s, a reputation might indeed be well deserved.

If you get to New York City, you can visit Rick’s Cabaret New York at 50 West 33rd Street in the heart of Manhattan. Tell them this satisfied Londoner sent you.

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