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A Shoot with Miss Lilleth

As some of you may remember, I’ve put pen to paper before for Darkside Magazine to regale you with tales of my ‘soldier to filming slave’ journey, and of course some of my on screen exploits with Femmefatale films, Mistress Vixen, and more. So when I got the chance to update editor Paul Donnelly with my recent adventures, well… how could I refuse?

As many of you will appreciate, it’s a busy old life and some of us try and squeeze the lifestyle in when we can. However, when I got the chance to shoot with Blackpool’s rather fabulously blessed Miss Lilleth and an excellent up and coming new photographer from the north west, it was a bit of a win win situation.

Now I’ve taken some good interrogation style thrashings from Miss Zoe and Mistress Athena in the past so I thought I’d cast my net a little wider and try for a different scenario. I’d always fancied an office discipline photo shoot, so this was the perfect chance to try that very thing. Miss Lilleth was definitely up for the idea so we made the necessary arrangements and the date was set. She arrived with a huge selection of outfits and toys and we opted for the ever popular boots and white shirt combination. Obviously this showed off her fantastic boobs which made this shoot an absolute pleasure to take part in. She is also incredibly chilled, very funny, and, well lets just say she got the best out of me.

The scene was set. I sat at the desk and faced the interview questions. ‘Why was I perfect for the role?’, ‘What makes me a good employee?’ Unfortunately my answers weren’t convincing enough and Miss Lilleth decided to take the interview to the next phase. Now I’ve never had this kind of job interview before, but perhaps it should be introduced as standard? It wasn’t long before I was stripped naked, collared, and kneeling at my prospective boss’ boots, and after assuming my position as her new foot stool she decided that it was time to test me and see if I really was suitable for working under her… After a good paddling, my arse was treated to the delights of the cane, the crop and the good old fashioned metre stick (remember them?). I was bent over the office desk receiving my ‘work experience’ while photographer Cathy snapped away trying to make the whole shoot as natural as possible. Cathy isn’t a professional photographer, but she has oodles of enthusiasm and came up with some fantastic action shots. She’s really learning her trade and I think we’ll definitely see a lot more of her work in the near future.

So then. What’s next? I think it’s safe to say that we’ll definitely be shooting again very soon. And, if anybody’s got any exciting ideas then drop Paul a line at Darkside Magazine, I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to pass them on…

By Slave Chris

@slave_chr1s @LillethMiss

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