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How being a Masochistic Brat enhances our relationship

Before I begin to share detail on how being a masochistic brat enhances the long-term relationship I have with my Master, I want to clarify what exactly a masochistic brat is.

If you walk down the street and someone calls you a brat, you could take it as an insult. A brat is someone who does things they shouldn’t do. Often, they are ill-mannered and have a natural ability to annoy people around them.

But, when you go into the BDSM world and someone calls you a brat, well, that’s a different ball game altogether.

A BDSM Brat could be defined as someone who talks back to their Master, and rather than being submissive on their own will, they prefer to be pushed into submitting. They generally enjoy being mischievous, disobedient, and somewhat sassy to their Master.

Usually, being a Brat is as much part of the sexual dynamic, as it is part of the Submissive.

As a BDSM Brat needs a little bit of a push to be submissive, a knowledgeable Master is needed. He might make his Brat submit with the threat of a punishment, the promise of a reward, or just by saying the right thing at the right time.

Brats are not for every BDSM Master. Some Masters prefer their Sub to submit without having to make the extra effort, while other Masters do like the challenge, and take full pride in taming their bratty Sub. Often, it can even strengthen their sense of dominance.

But what is most important is that the Master acknowledges when his Sub is behaving bratty, and knows how to act on that brattiness.

For instance, if I notice my bratty behaviour can control him, then I don’t feel submissive. In reality, being a Brat makes me feel closer to who I really am—a rebel by heart, but submissive by choice and desire.

So who is a Masochistic Brat then?

A masochistic brat is a BDSM brat who gets aroused by a certain level of pain.

And as a masochistic brat myself, I would like to clarify something:

No, it does not turn me on if I drop a heavy object on my feet, or hurt my fingers while closing the door. Neither does abuse of any kind, as that is not what BDSM is about. But what does turn me on is fully being submissive to my sadistic Master, and allowing him to afflict pain on me—both for his and my own pleasure.

One thing that needs to be said about pleasure and pain is that there is a very thin line between both, and only an attentive Master can walk and play that line.

Pain on its own would not turn me on if I am not aroused/turned on already. The more aroused I am, the more pain I can take, and the more I enjoy it. As a matter of fact, the closer to an orgasm, the harder my Dom can spank, whip, cut…

Therefore, it is important to play with a Master who is aware of that. Often, when I behave bratty and my Master punishes me, I am not tied up. There is no need to.

I position myself exactly how he wants me to, and offer myself to him, to receive the punishment. Whether it is whipping, cutting or even branding, a slow start is the golden rule. When my Master sees the pain is too extreme, he will give me a few moments to recover. And it is the reoffering of myself to him that turns me on so much. Because I want to satisfy his sadistic mind, as much as he enjoys afflicting pain on me.

What are bratty moments in BDSM relationships?

Apart from talking back, and being a smart ass, it is the cheekiness that makes a brat, a brat.

For instance, when we play, my Master does not allow me to drink much. This is something he is strict about, as alcohol can numb the pain and therefore can even be dangerous. Especially when we play with a pin or needle, only a certain amount of alcohol is allowed.

But, I like a drink. So, at times when my Master uses the bathroom, and I am not tied up, I will make a run for the fridge and pour myself a glass of Prosecco that I pretty much gulp down in one go.

More often than not, I get caught. My Master has his way of finding out. And this kind of bratty behavior certainly gets punished hard.

How does BDSM enhance our relationships?

Through the practice of BDSM, we allow ourselves to be true to our real nature. My Master takes pride in taming his rebellious Sub and has me fall on my knees for him, with just a click of his fingers. It is that dominance that he needs to feel in our relationship. The power he holds over me, as I willingly submit when he desires.

As for me, it is the giving up of power and surrendering myself to someone strong that is the biggest turn-on. And only then, when I am so turned on, I crave the pain, as that is what makes me forget about everything around me. And the scars that I might hold from BDSM plays are constant reminders of the passion and adventurous connection we have between us.

Creating OrgasmicWays

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BDSM is, for many, still a taboo and often even confused with abuse, while in reality it is quite the opposite. BDSM relationships are based on trust and consent, and often, the bond participating couples share is unique, strong, and exceptionally loving.

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By Debby,


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