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One night in Roxy

So, before I go into the details of a very naughty night where I fucked a Darkside Magazine reader, let me tell you about the events that happened before that.

A few months ago I appeared in the magazine.

The feature included a selection of naughty pics and the tagline of Secret Slut, with all the details about how I came to be the dirty attention-seeking slut I am today, Then, being true to form and wanting more attention, I gave Darkside a video of me teasing my 40ff natural tits and big black ass which they kindly emailed to the readers. I hope you enjoyed watching it by the way!

Anyway, I had arranged to meet up with a friend I hadn't seen for a while. She had just had a newborn and hadn't been able to get out due to Covid, so the plan was to go to a gin bar and have a few drinks. She was going to go home at about nine, so it wasn't going to be a late one. We were having a few drinks and catching up on what was going on in our lives, when I noticed a guy from across the bar looking at me. He kept looking at his phone then looking at me again, clearly not hiding the fact. He was an older guy, in his late 40s or early 50s.

So, the evening went on and my friend said she had to get going as her fella was due to pick her up. I said that was fine as I had arranged to meet up with another girl friend of mine straight after. My friend then left, leaving me alone at the table. Within about five minutes, a drink was brought over to me, which was a pleasant if unexpected surprise. But who was it from? I asked the waitress who informed me that it was from the man at the bar who had been eyeing me up all evening. So, like a good girl I went over to say thank you. It would be rude not to. He just smiled at me and said: “Do you keep your promises?“ I looked at him all confused and asked what he meant by that. He then looked at me and said: "On the video I got sent you say that you are willing to fuck your fans!" I was a little shocked and said: "What do you mean?" "I know your name is Roxy," he replied. He then showed me pictures of me on his phone and told me that real men would be able to spot me a mile off because there are not many women with my shape and skin colour. He looked me up and down and said: "So, I will ask you again, Roxy. Do you keep your promises?" I was taken aback but turned on by the fact that he was a fan, so I just said: "Good girls follow orders." "Good," he replied. "Then drink up".

We left the bar and got to his car, parked in the corner of a nearby, dimly lit car park. By this point I had completely forgotten that I was supposed to meet another mate of mine, turned on by the fact that this man knew me by name and clearly wanted me. As soon as we were in his car, he started grabbing my ass and pulling on my top, exposing my massive tits. "My god, they are fucking huge and so fucking heavy!" he says, clearly turned on as my hand brushed against the bulge in his jeans. The guy grabbed his phone and took a picture of me and him with my tits out and smiled at me. He then hurriedly undid his belt and buttons, revealing an eager, hard cock. "Well it's not going to suck itself is it slut!" he said with a cheeky grin on his face. Being the good obedient girl that I am, I placed my hand around his cock and sucked him off, feeling it throb deep within my mouth. While I was sucking, the man called me such a dirty whore whilst rubbing his hands all over my tits and arse. Feeling his hand run along the inside of my pants, his fingers moving from my arse to my wet pussy, he suddenly shot his hot creamy load all into the back of my mouth. The sheer load of cum made me gag slightly, but I was determined not to waste a drop. Then, believe it or not, he said: "Thank you Darkside Magazine! The best subscription gift ever!" I must admit I so wanted to laugh out loud at this point.

But the night wasn't yet over. We returned to the bar for a couple of drinks before going back to his and having a night of hot dirty sex.

I enjoyed being a whore for a total stranger, and still do! So I've got to say "thank you" Darkside magazine for exposing me.

By Roxy

Twitter: @roxy87foxy

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